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is an illustration and graphic design company that has been delivering amazing print, illustration, identity, and web projects for individual clients and larger agencies for more than 14 years. Led by principal designer Lucinda Morreale, we create thoughtful, compelling and beautiful designs to help our clients bring their business goals to life.

It’s all about the work.

Please take a look at our recent projects to see our capabilities–and give us a ring if you’d like to discuss an upcoming project! We look forward to making your vision come true.

“You have given us too many awesome elements to choose from!!!! Love!!!”
Steph H, restaurant owner

“I am practically in tears – it’s amazing.
I will look it over more carefully but you captured it!”
Linda D, Ladderback client for 10 years

You are a RockStar!
Rhonni R, client


Founded in 2001 by  Lucinda Morreale, Ladderback Design focuses on graphic design and illustration for a wide range of clients.

Luci earned a BFA in illustration from Maryland Institute College of Art in 1997. Deeply involved in the community, she combines her strong commitment to meeting clients’ needs with her passion for design, drawing, textiles, and sculpture. She runs a tight ship: Luci’s approach is comprehensive and efficient, focusing on delivering all aspects of clients’ projects on time and leveraging long-term relationships with vendors to deliver them on budget. She has worked with clients from such fields as health care, the arts, and education as well as the corporate world.

Ladderback Design is proud to be a woman-owned business.



Identity/Logo Development

Publications (annual reports, catalogs, brochures, etc.)

Illustration (instructional, editorial, typographic, patterns, etc.)

Promotional Materials





Concepting, Problem Solving and Ideas

Research: Market, Competition and Image finding


Color Theory

Layout, Composition, Balance

Production: Understanding of print process, web process, and paper engineering

Competency in image and layout programs: Adobe CS, et al

File Prep: Bleeds, Color Separation, File Management


Marketing Expertise: Branding, Positioning, Ad Buying

Project Management: Budgeting, Timelines


Vendor Management: Print Specifying, Material Specifying, Gathering competetive quotes,
Follow through, etc


Writing Skills: Brand Naming, Taglines, Editing

“Wow. Really. Well done, Luci.”
Matt S, new client


When you work with Ladderback Design, the process is always the same. We start by getting to know each other. I want to know what your aspirations are, what you envision for your visual presentation to the public, and how you’re going to use the final product, be it a logo or a website, or printed materials.


Next, we move into the visual brainstorming phase, where you show me what visual images appeal to you. I will want to know specifics. What do you like about this image? What do you dislike? Are there elements of this image you’d like to use in our project? How will this look and feel appeal to the audience you would like to attract? I want to get to the bottom of how you want to present your business to the world. It’s okay if you don’t already know what you like or what you want! We will figure that out together.


Finally, it’s the big day! I present my designs to you. At this stage in the game, my solutions should be a delightful realization of all the work we’ve done up front. If it’s not exactly what you’d hoped for, I have rounds of edits built into every design package I offer, so we will always have room to expand on my original takes on the project, and make it just right.


The very last step is to implement the product. So, I put that logo on business cards and have them printed for you. Or I design a banner for your Grand Opening, get you quotes for printing, and manage the production. If it’s a website we’re creating, I manage the programmers, keep the project’s design on track, and make sure everyone is speaking the same language. My goal is always to make sure your new design gets a proper introduction into the world, and to show it in its best light. I have 20 years of experience working with the printing and web industries, and speak the technical language needed to get fantastic, surprise-free results.


If you want to present a professional, relevant, and exciting image for your business, I can help you get there. Together, we will carve out your professional image, and present your business with the most clarity we can muster.

I’m always interested in discussing your ideas for the future. If you’re interested in a free consultation, get in touch! 

Luci you are absolutely amazing!!!!! We could never do it without you. Thanks so much!
Holly Freishtat, Director, Baltimore Food Policy Initiative


Hand & Eye Studio  {the illustrious Linda Gravina Ridings and Cornel Rubino}

Design Agency  {the incomparable Emily Sara Wilson & Jane Androski}

Neurofury {the amazing Jason Rosenberg}

Gilah Press {there’s no stopping Ms Kat Feuerstein}

Seeds Wellness {founded and run by the talented Sarah O’Leary}

Nathalie Cone  {a former designer of ours and a killer talent}



A4 Studio

Dan Funderburgh

Grain Edit

Under Consideration and Brand New

Twenty-Six Types

Louise Fili

and of course: The Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische



On The Corner

Feed Me Fashion







“Because Luci had worked with SECDC in the past & the Creative Alliance she was the perfect person to to develop the ha! logo. She “gets it”. I have every confidence that she will be able to pull all the “art parts” together to form a consistant cohesive brand image for H!GHLANDTOWN.”

Hillary F., Marketing, Sales & Promotions

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