The Talent

The Talent

  • This is me!

    This is me!

  • Desi the Dog hard at work

    Desi the Dog hard at work

Luci Morreale

Chief Creative of Ladderback Design

Three things I want you to know about me:

1. I believe in investing in solid research to ensure that the end product is always on target.

2. I am passionate about working with mission-driven clients.

3. I’m a pro with tons of experience; (15 years! Whoa!) and I deliver the quality work of a big agency with the personal attention of a small shop.

Other sort-of relevant stuff:

I earned a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art. I lived in Baltimore for 18 years and now I’m a proud resident of South Philly.

When I’m not working on design projects, I’m walking my dog Desi, obsessing over patterns, and working on my endless home renovation while breaking the rules of interior design, just because I can.

  • The view from my South Philly studio

    The view from my South Philly studio

  • Desi the studio dog

    Desi the studio dog

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