Art Director

Strategic Visual Storyteller

I’m an experienced Art Director who excels at creating impactful visuals and narratives. I lead teams to achieve outstanding results while enjoying hands-on design work.

Luci presenting a flowchart
Logo for American Communities Trust
Baltimore Medical System Annual Report
Publications Design/Photo Art Direction
Health Union Page Redesign Proposal 1
Web Design
Nat'l Coming out Day


Working with Luci:

“Working with Luci for the past 5 years has been such a privilege! She puts her all into every project, diving straight in with research, backing everything up with data, and delivering a beautiful end product. Her enthusiasm is contagious and working with her is not only productive and enlightening, but so much fun.”

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Caroline Liddic, Associate Creative Director, Health Union

“Luci is a highly effective creative team leader who brings invaluable thought, care, experience, and emotional intelligence to her work. She’s a strategic thinker who understands both the business and the creative and knows how to marry them flawlessly. It’s rare to find a visual storyteller as skilled as Luci who is also so comfortable working with data, and this is one of the areas where she has had the greatest impact on our team. “

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Stacey Toseland, Creative Director, Health Union

“Luci has been the most amazing manager any direct report could ever hope for. When she started working with me she inspired me with her unique illustrations. As our working relationship grew she taught me about data, helped me hone my attention to detail, and pushed my designs to new heights. She always had my back, and helped me achieve any goal I set for myself and for that I’ll be forever grateful. Luci would be the best manger, designer, illustrator, or leader for any team!”

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Colleen Kochanasz, Senior Designer/Art Director/Illustrator 

“Luci was a wonderful leader on the team we were a part of together. When I first started, she was one of the first people to reach out to make sure I was settling in okay and consistently made me feel like I was doing an amazing job. She made me feel welcomed and like I belonged. She frequently took time out of her work day to help me understand data and analytic results, and was incredibly encouraging in helping me to decipher what received the most engagement. On top of that, she is extremely talented and versatile as an illustrator, designer, and data master.”

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Brianna Gilmarten, Art Director, Illustrator