Heart-Failure.net case study

As the designer chosen to launch Heart-Failure.net, I welcomed the challenge of reaching many types of users in many environments, and creating campaigns that would hit home for specific segments of the population.

a man types out his story on an old typewriter. his story is both heartbreaking and sad

Annual survey campaign assets for email and Instagram

Annual Survey Campaign image for Heart-Failure.net
Annual Survey Campaign Instagram image for Heart-Failure.net

User Generated Content Loop:
Quotes in the images come from comments made on previous Facebook posts

Happiness in an inside job
How can I parent or actively care for my children when I'm in the ICU??
I look at my condition as a wake up call

“If you could describe heart failure in three words, what would they be?”

What a Ride!
Good doctors help
Advocate for yourself
Never give up!

Heart Failure Awareness Month Campaign Assets

Heart Failure Awareness 2020
Email newsletter asset for heart failure awareness month 2020
heart balloon and clouds