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Hersh’s Pizza & Drinks

Hersh’s Pizza & Drinks contacted me while they were in a nascent phase. They hadn’t yet signed a lease on a building. But they already knew what they wanted to create: a Neapolitan wood-fired pizza restaurant with the very best pizza and cocktails in Baltimore. They wanted a modern attitude mixed with a vintage atmosphere, and they wanted to attract like-minded foodies to hang out with at the bar.

Their direction was clear: they wanted their brand to be infused with vintage flavor, with a twist of modern humor. I immediately pulled out my pen and ink, and my mid-century modern design books for inspiration.

Chosen Hersh's logo: Lady with beehive hairdo eating a piece of sloppy pizza
HPD logo proposals and alternate designs

Above are the logos I proposed.

Once the logo was chosen, we worked closely to get it just right. We were thrilled with how it reflected Baltimore’s kitschy history while also making you desperately want some pizza.

Hersh's Pizza and Drinks logo
This guy makes the best Neopolitan pies in Baltimore

Together, we wrote copy for the ads we were placing in the local paper and in some national magazines. My client wanted to attract the attention of foodies, cocktail aficionados, and brides who were planning small or large events around their weddings.

The brand voice is cheeky and irreverent and assumes the audience is in on the joke.

HPD Neon sign
HPD ad
HPD ads
HPD stationery

Stationery and other collateral are focused on getting creative with typography. I mixed fonts and elements liberally and kept the humor resonating throughout each piece. We always want to keep our pizza lovers laughing.

HPD postcard
HPD favicard
HPD exterior
HPD ad for Bride's magazine


Working with Luci:

“Thank you, smart Luci!  I love your ideas and insight—you motivate me!  It helps that you are a creative and organized thinker as well as a business woman.”

two hands

Kate Scherr-Adams, Owner of KS Solutions

“Working with Luci continues to provide our store with stunning results as we bring our brand to the next level. She provides our independent natural foods store with professional, cutting-edge design solutions for multiple applications including print, apparel and the web. We genuinely enjoy working with Luci because we receive prompt and friendly service, thorough revisions and guidance, and a finished product that positively reflects who we are.”

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Harvest Market Natural Foods