UX Dash Sketches

ux department dashboards

I completed 4 custom dashboards for the Creative department that would help us measure the performance of our work on Health Union’s sites and on socials. I also tracked performance of specific images.

  • Onsite Performance Analysis
  • Facebook Performance Analysis
  • Image Performance Analysis
  • Custom Version of Searchable Content

data education

Custom dashboards are not useful unless the whole department feels comfortable using them. I analyzed the workflow in Health Union’s Creative department, and built a lesson plan based on real life scenarios where data could help an artist increase engagement, create efficiencies, and demonstrate their performance to their fellow team members in other departments.

Atlas Mockup

ux dept data help desk

It is my goal to answer engagement questions using data. To that end, at Health Union I used Looker and custom dashboards to optimize our image database, solve what links were being clicked in emails, and track the performance of our menus, among other things.

SIPP Dash mockup


The Production Department took it upon themselves to fill in gaps in our imagery, and wanted to track the performance of the enhanced posts. I created 2 dashboards: One to find posts that could be optimized, and one to track the performance of said posts 3 months before and 3 months after the optimization

  • SIPP Post finder
  • SIPP Results



dashboards created





2023 help desk

questions answered


Solve it with data.

Working with data is a passion of mine. I like being a detective, uncovering patterns and insights that tell a story, and making meaningful connections through numbers. My goal is to captivate, educate, and empower through data.

Tours of dashboards upon request.

81% feel that they do a good job following their treatment plan


Working with Luci:

“Luci is a data, numbers, and analytics champ and a delight to work with. She is always ready to help you learn new skills, to show you how you can use data to improve, and her excitement to see how images help our communities grow is amazing. “

two hands

Brooke Pelczynski, Art Director at Health Union

“It’s rare to find a visual storyteller as skilled as Luci who is also so comfortable working with data, and this is one of the areas where she has had the greatest impact on our team. Luci took the initiative to learn our business intelligence tools and then turned around and brought our whole team up to speed. She gave everyone the tools they needed to integrate data into their day-to-day workflow, helping us meet our goals as a team and deliver more effective creative.”

two hands

Stacey Toseland, Creative Director, Health Union