Illustration & Design = hybrid passions.

I’m a modern illustrator, which means I care as much about typography as as I do about the exact facial expressions on my characters, and as a designer, I have no problem evolving my style to meet the goal. What stays consistent is the empathy i infuse into every image. My work has been seen on social, in ads, and in print.

people at a festival with a mural of a zebra and a swan


Asthma UGC Insta campaign: "If Asthma was an animal, what would it be?"
Asthma UGC Insta campaign: "Feels like an Elephant is sitting on my chest"
Caregiver UGC campaign for Advanced Breast Cancer
Asthma UGC Insta campaign: Fish out of water gasping for air
Asthma UGC Insta campaign: "A Boa Constrictor: Feels like you're being squeezed and suffocated"
Caregiver UGC campaign for Advanced Breast Cancer


Instagram image for National Gay Men's HIV Awareness Day
Black Trans Lives Matter
A group of people in super hero poses: I am stronger than HIV
Instagram image for Nat'l Coming out Day
Instagram post for World AIDS Day 2020
Join anonymously, and be able to connect with people suffering the same stigma, symptoms, and social complexities as yourself.
Varied profiles of people who identify as women


Infographic from 3rd annual survey on
an arm with a blood pressure monitor showing how often people get tested for heart failure
Infographic on heart failure symptoms
Infographic from 3rd annual survey on
a man under an umbrella looks up admidst other umbrellas with insurance statistics on them
A custom map of South Philly


awareness month campaigns


neighborhood campaigns


national survey campaigns


“Luci is an incredible designer, creator, and team member. She embodies collaboration and is committed to meeting project goals. She is also a kind, thoughtful person and I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her!”

two hands

Juliana Geerling Swaren, MPH, CHES, Project Manager, Insights at Health Union