Leading with data culture, solid mentorship, and emphasis on process.

As a leader, my top priority is to support my team by creating a data culture, taking process seriously, constant education and empathetic mentorship. With these pillars in place, my team can create their best work and stay engaged. I bolster this by letting honest feedback flow in both directions. My aim is to empower my team, have fun, and hold safe spaces for creativity to flourish.

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building a data culture

  • Dashboard Education
    • Data Education to teach the UX team how to use the dashboards I created, aligned with existing workflows
    • “Data Snacks”
      • Weekly 5-minute tips on how to incorporate the dashboards into daily work
  • Later” Instagram Meetings
    • Monthly 1:1s to analyze performance using the Instagram tracking tool, Later.
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education & mentorship

  • Acronym Academy”
    • Demystify the alphabet soup of acronyms we use daily.
  • Trans Folks Drawing Challenge
    • Facilitated a challenge to create more diversity in our imagery. 
  • Guest Lecturer at MICA
    • Design Thinking  
    • Using data as a designer
    • Working with non-profits
  • “How to get the most out of your relationship with UX”
    • Presentation to All Hands at Health Union
  • “How to be a Strategic Partner”
    • Presentation to UX team on how to communicate clearly and create respect through actions
  • Wellness Education
    • Supplied Mental Health Month resources for personal and professional use by the UX team.
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  • Regular 1:1 meetings to create fluid communication lines and trust.
  • Diligent reporting to Leadership on progress of projects and goals for the department.
  • Track progress quarterly on personal and DR goals
  • Use project management software diligently to keep multiple complex projects on track
  • Always keep a record of all meetings 
  • Keep a record of next steps and responsibilities
  • Collaborate with stakeholders so feedback to individual contributors is coherent and succinct
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Always curious about the world and how we fit in it, I love to keep up to date on news that affects the world of art, design, data and marketing. I take on the role of librarian, making sure information is collected and stored in ways everyone can access. I also love to facilitate group conversations about hot topics in the design and tech world.

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“Luci has been the most amazing manager any direct report could ever hope for. When Luci started working with me she inspired me with her unique illustrations. As our working relationship grew she taught me about data, helped me hone my attention to detail, and pushed my designs to new heights. She always had my back, and helped me achieve any goal I set for myself and for that I’ll be forever grateful. Luci would be the best manger, designer, illustrator, or leader for any team.”

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Colleen Kochanasz, Art Director